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We specialize in one more thing... Quality Sofas and Sectionals made to your exact specifications for your unique living environment. But don't think that buying a completely customized sofa is just out of your price range. We produce a lot of custom orders every month for families just like yours, and you'll be surprised at the value we offer. Our sofas are generally less than the big box stores yet have dozens of customizing options often at no extra charge. Plus with our average 2 weeks production time, you'll be sitting on your sofa months before you will be getting it from the chain stores. Our 50 different customizing options mean your sofa will be unique like you!
Sectional Sizing
Does the size stand as a barrier in selecting the sectional sofa? Then, The Furniture Lounge can help you. Have a look at our models and select the Style you Like; Just forget the Size. All of your models can be easily sized and configured to suit the need of your section of lay out. Our experts with incredible experience in sectional sizing will select the right mix of components to set the size that better suit your room without changing the style you like.

No more difficulties in getting the sofas and furniture to your home or office. What ever it is a narrow doorway with tight turn to low ceiling, our experts manufacture your sectional sofas in pieces to get it assembled in the space you have in your living room. It is better you enjoy the complete control over the shape, size and layout of sectional production!
Fantabulous selection of Fabrics
It is not 10s or 20s. Select from 1500 plus ‘regular grade’ fabrics! Yes, what ever is your dream about your sofa, bring it to lights with our wide and fantabulous collection of fabrics. It is not a daunting process to select the fabric since most of the clients spend just short time in picking the right one. No Extra Cost for the fabrics and is included in the price of our sofa.

The Furniture Lounge has Collection for you; it is your time to make the Selection.
the furniture lounge gurgaon the furniture lounge gurgaon
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